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Dr. Gankin Victor
Boston, USA
Fax: 8-101-617- 527 3443

Dear Victor!

I am studying your materials. We discuss your ideas with colleagues and postgraduates. A lot of questions arose for which we do not find an answer. For example, if the electron does not exhibit wave properties, what it is in the field of nucleus? Is this rotating ball? Does Bohr theory work? How the radiation is going on? What is spectrum? What is the velocity of an electron? What is orbit? The radius of orbit? The quantum numbers? Spin? Are there zones of overlap during the bond formation? Does a pi bond exist? How are the angles between the bonds explained - for example, the tetrahedral angle in the methane molecule or in diamond? Band theory? Etc., etc.

It is hard to believe that almost centennial theory of atomic structure and chemical bonding turned to be empty and false. There was not such case in the history of science since the phlogiston!

I would seriously start to use your approach only if I will know clear answers to all such questions. On the other hand, I do not believe that the tendency to simplify the content of training will last for a long time in the chemical education of the USA. We are well-acquainted with different new pedagogical theories which suddenly cover all teachers, and just as quickly become a thing of the past. The same thing happens with us but not too harshly. As for Pauling's article, then this is the result of his age, students can not study chemistry with his textbook of general chemistry.

I am very pleased with the attitude towards my books in recent times (keep my fingers crossed!). The problem book has just been released ("Himiya"). Another two publishing houses - "Prosveshenie" and private one - produce two new textbooks in summer. One Research and Training Fund invited me to publish all books in single series. I am telling you this not to make boast of my success but in order to let you know that at the present time, a dramatic change for the better began in the publication of books.

Unfortunately, I have no time at all.

Finally, there is a very important question for me - is your publishing house going to translate my books? Your publishing houses are now beginning work on the translation of textbooks in mathematics and physics together with foreign publishers, and are collecting applications for chemistry textbooks. If you are interested in my books, as you say, I have an urgent matter to have formal conditions (contract) of producing my books in order subsequently not to have any troubles due to violations of the publishing obligations.

I wish you continued success.

Your O.Zaitsev