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Elite Schools Enter Online Education  by Amanda Yarnell

Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 90 Issue 24 | pp. 44-45 Issue Date: June 11, 2012

"More and more of the nation's top universities bring their course work to the masses at no cost"


The view on the hydrogen-exchange reaction  by David C. Clary  and Zare  

Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, 2002, Volume 53


The article "The Chemical Bond" by Stephen K. Ritter

Chemical and Engineering News - January 29, 2007 - Volume 85, Number 05 - pp. 37-40 

"Whether it's sextuple bonds or bonds involving no shared electrons,chemists chase down new modes of bonding"


The Article "THE NATURE OF THE CHEMICAL BOND 1993"  by  J. F. Ogilvie

"There are no such things as orbitals..."   


The Article "Battle Of The 'Functionals'" by Elizabeth K. Wilson

C&EN, June 30, 2008 Volume 86, Number 26 pp. 34-37

New tools fix many problems with density functional theory, but which one is best?


Calculated   and  experimental  data of the hydrogen molecule 
by V.Gankin

What is the value of  bond length of the hydrogen molecule at reference book?


Reacting By Roaming   by Jyllian Kemsley

Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 90 Issue 12, March 19, 2012 , pp. 42-43

The result "broadens our perspective on how reactions can happen"...


The role of calculations, hypotheses and experiments in theory  by V.Gankin

The role of the experiment has changed over the course of the development of science.