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Review by A.A. Potapov

Dear Colleagues:

This appeal is addressed to those who are not indifferent to the future of our science and education.

In my opinion, an extraordinary event took place in the life of the chemical community. The book "How a Chemical Bond Is Formed and Chemical Reactions Occur" has come out. The book is dedicated to one of the vital problems of the theoretical chemistry - to the researches of the nature of a chemical bond. The peculiarity of the book is: for the first time the authors made an attempt to describe the chemical bond supported by the experimental data. The approach to the regarded problem accepted by them is based upon the classical laws of mechanics and electrostatics.

At the same time, they exposed the insolvency of attracting the quantum - wave presentations for the description of a chemical bond.

It is significant that the working group that was founded by the American Chemical Society in 1990 came to the same conclusion. It generalized the results of the thirty-year discussion, developed on the pages of "The Journal of Chemical Education", about the expediency and rightfulness of introducing the sections related to the quantum mechanical description of a chemical bond to the chemical courses of the educational publications.

They deemed it necessary to eliminate these sections from the textbooks and initiate the creation of alternative textbooks with clear understanding of the chemical phenomena and processes.

By the way, the present example should become a good lesson for the head publishers of our chemical journals.

The book by the Gankins, V.Y. and Y.V., rouses readers to look upon the speculations and revaluation of the role of the quantum mechanical conceptions that groundlessly struck root in the scientific and educational chemical literature. 

We would like to hope that this remarkable book will help the Russian chemists to regard with much more criticism the settled dogmas in chemistry and to discover the real world built on the comprehension of the nature of a chemical bond and mechanism of the chemical reactions.

The book was first published in America in1992 and now, fifteen years later, is translated into Russian.


The Doctor of Chemical Sciences A.A Potapov
The author of five monograms in chemistry