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Review by S.D.Razumovsky

How Chemical Bonds Form and Chemical Reactions Proceed can be rightfully called THE BOOK OF THE DEPARTING XX CENTURY.

This book solves the main problems of chemistry at which scientists have been working for well over a century and by which this book is entitled.

Here a principally new approach is offered in solving the main problems of physics like the physical nature of mass and that of the internuclear forces. There are also new approaches to the elaboration of a unified electro-dynamic theory of interactions.

It is notable that the efforts to resolve the question about the physical nature of internuclear forces has caused the physicists to spend more time and energy on these subjects than they did on all the rest of the physical problems.

Of great interest, also, is the new explanation about the diffraction of electrons which was observed by Davisson and Germer, and which served as experimental proof of the fact that particles possess wave properties. The image of wave-particles has been disturbing the conscience of physicists for the last 80 years.

There can be no doubt that if this book simply contained new ideas (without the solutions and approaches) about the above mentioned problems, even then this book would be of great value and should be read by practically all who are interested in the basics of natural sciences.

As a chemist, I would like to add that the answers to the basic chemical questions in this book are presented at a level quite comprehensible to graduate students. This book can well be used at chemistry lessons in higher educational establishments.

Honored Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation;
Senior Scientific Worker;
Doctor of Chemical Sciences of the United Institute of Biochemical Physics;