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In the late 1980's the working group of the Department of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society recognized the need to eliminate quantum chemistry from the general chemistry course and to promote alternative methods of teaching. "We will probably never get widespread agreement on how to reform General Chemistry until a truly new textbook is published, which influences enough teachers to change, so that the new way of teaching becomes the accepted way... in detail >> 

21 Gen Chemthe first edition

cover2the second edition


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General Chemistry book online

We went in for a serious step - to take this mission upon ourselves and we offer to our readers a book on general chemistry which can help students in understanding and learning the foundations of chemical science and teachers for its more effective teaching.


We hope sincerely that the new approach to a textbook of general chemistry will fully justify the claimed purpose and subsequently will serve as the basis for the development of quality educational guidance widely in demand in secondary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums. Download the textbook "General Chemistry" in the detailed version for teachers>>

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Chemistry is an elegant and graceful science!

It is not hard to understand chemistry if you wish!

It is interesting to study chemistry!