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The Institute of Theoretical Chemistry - founded in 1995 is a scientific research institution. The aim of the Institute is to continue the development of classical theoretical chemistry and - deepen understanding of the physical foundations of chemical phenomena. more >> 

«The main difficulty in the teaching of chemistry lies in the attempt to explain chemical phenomena using quantum chemistry: teachers are obliged to explain things that they were never able to understand themselves.  The widely used quantum chemical system of explanations is based on consepts whose physical natures are ambiguous or  unclear (suchas the electron's particle/-wave nature,  energy exchange , electron switching) as well as a large number of empirical rules (Pauli Principle, Hund's Rule, Klechkowski's Rule, hybridization, and others). 

In the past ten years we have worked out a system of chemical phenomena explanations based on a comprehensible physical concept: that the electron is a particle with a definite mass, a negative charge, and with definite kinetic and potential energies. We have succeeded in explaining the main chemical phenomena without the use of the wave properties of microparticles. The system of explanations we have created is a logical continuation of the traditional development of chemistry».

Victor Y. Gankin
 Dr. of Science, the Founder of Institute of the Theoretical Chemistry

Results achieved during the development of the foundations of classical theoretical chemistry are: 

Topics concerning physics are in the Fundamental Physics  site.

We invite all interested, creative-minded readers to take part in the discussion of theories and provisions.  

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